About Us

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About us

Mile High Loot was founded in 2020. We are an independent research firm specializing in the recovery of unclaimed funds held by governmental entities. 

We start the collection process by assembling all of the required documentation necessary to recover our clients’ funds. Mile High Loot prepares all of the court motions, claim forms, affidavits, and certificates of service necessary to recover the identified property. 

Payment is contingent upon you receiving payment. We guarantee that you will not owe a service fee if your abandoned assets are not returned to you.


How we work

We DO NOT charge an up-front fee to use our services. When your unclaimed funds have been recovered,
we charge a fee of only 10% of the recovered funds. The fee includes the following:

  • Dedicated personnel that will help you in every step of the claims process
  • Our strong relationships with the entities who hold unclaimed funds

It's your money. Don't leave it unclaimed

Our goal is to return any property to its legal rightful owner